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CSharpFITS Package

CSharpFITS Package

CSharpFITS package   is a pure C# .NET port of Tom McGlynn's nom.tam.fits Java package. It provides native C# support for reading and writing FITS files.

The CSharpFITS package  was initially ported by Samuel Carliles. The development of this new version of CSharpFITS is undertaken by VO-I.

This package is available for download in the form of a compiled binary and its source code.The compiled binary can be directly added to your project as a reference.Source code is also available for those who are intrested and it can be viewed with anything capable of reading ASCII,but Visual Studio supporting .NET framework 2.0 (Visual Studio 2005) is required to open and compile the project.



Download File


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CSharpFITS_v1.1 Package DLL

CSharpFITS_v1.1 API documentation

16 January 2008

CSharpFITS_v1.1 Package Source Distribution

CSharpFITS_v1.1 User Guide

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