A Near-Infrared Stellar Spectral Library in J, H and K Bands  

We present here the J-Band(126 stars), H-Band(135 Stars) and K-Band(114 Stars) near-infrared (NIR) spectral library of solar type stars covering spectral types O5--M3 and luminosity classes I--V as per MK classification. The observations were carried out with 1.2 meter Gurushikhar Infrared Telescope (GIRT), at Mt. Abu, India using a NICMOS3 HgCdTe 256 X 256 NIR array based spectrometer.

The spectra have a moderate resolution of 1000 (about 1.6 nm) at the J, H and K Bands and have been continuum shape corrected to their respective effective temperatures. This library will serve as an important database for stellar population synthesis and other applications in conjunction with the newly formed large optical Coudé
feed stellar spectral library of Valdes et al.
(see http://www.noao.edu/cflib).

The NIR spectral library (H-Band) has been published in the form of a paper viz. BASI, 32, 311-333 (2004), and the K-Band library will appear in BASI (2007).

To download the ASCII format spectra (wavelength with 0.5 nm bins in 1st column and relative flux in the 2nd column) listed by their HR numbers (unless specified by HD numbers),
for the J-Band(126 stars) please click HERE, for the H-Band(135 Stars) please click HERE and for the K-Band(114 Stars) please click HERE. Users may use VO plot facility to visualize the spectra.

Team Members : Dr. Ranjan Gupta (IUCAA, Pune), Dr. H.P. Singh (DU, Delhi), Dr N.M. Ashok (PRL, Ahmedabad), Mr. Arvind Ranade (Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi).

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