Scisoft 7.3 - An Astronomical Software collection

Scisoft is a project within ESO to provide a collection of astronomical software utilities in a uniform way at all four ESO sites and to make them available to the outside world. The current version, Scisoft 7.3, January 2009, is only available for Fedora Core 6 Linux. The previous version, Scisoft v6.1 September 2006, was for Fedora Core 3, Scisoft v5 was available for RedHat9 and earlier versions are also available for Solaris 8, Linux Redhat 6.2 and HP-UX 11. In addition a version of Scisoft for Mac OSX has been prepared by Nor Pirzkal and Francesco Pierfederici but it is not an ESO product.

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Scisoft on DVD

Scisoft can be provided on a DVD to those who may not be able to download it from the ftp site.  For the DVD please send mail to , Stating the need for DVD  and your name, address, current academic position with  planned usage of the software.

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