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VOI PyMorph Service

PyMorph Service allows users to derive morphological parameters for galaxy images. Users can provide the output FITS files generated by VOIMosaic Service. Service also provides the facility of uploading FITS files from individual machines.

PyMorph is a software pipeline which computes non-parametric and parametric morphological parameters of galaxies. PyMorph uses GALFIT (Peng et. al. 2002) for bulge disk decomposition of galaxy and SExtractor (Bertin et. al. 1996) for determining the initial values. PyMorph uses its own module to calculate Concentration index, Asymmetry, Clumpness, Gini Coefficient, second order moment of the brightest 20% pixels of galaxies (CASGM).

This web service is based on the standalone software PYMORPH as published in
PYMORPH: automated galaxy structural parameter estimation using PYTHON
Vikram Vinu; Wadadekar Yogesh; Kembhavi Ajit K. ; Vijayagovindan G. V. ; 2010 MNRAS 409 1379.

PyMorph uses SExtractor developed by Emmanuel Bertin.
The service also uses Galfit developed by Chien Peng, IRAF and PyRAF.

PyMorph Service is still in beta phase. Please click here to access the service.  More about pymorph.

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