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Stat-Lite an Android Application

Stat-Lite - an Android Application

VO-India has recently launched Stat-Lite - an Android application that provides an interactive and easy introduction to the concepts of Descriptive Statistics and Curve Plotting. It includes basic features like loading VOTable & ASCII format data set and performing some basic statistical analysis such as correlation tests, summary statistics etc. Some of the novel features of this application include graphs with multi-touch gesture support using which the user can pan and zoom to study specific areas, ability to study effect of outliers on regression fits by adding them using a simple interface etc. The interface & content has been designed for high-school & under graduate students. It uses 'Apache Commons Math' library for statistical calculations and a third party charting API called 'AChartEngine' for rendering graphs. As mentioned above, users can add or remove points by gestures like short and long press and see how the graph responds in real time The curve plotting module, apart from having all the major categories of pre-defined functions, has the ability to plot any arbitrary mathematical function by writing it down as a combination of the functions in the existing library. The prime motivation of this development was making useful software available on low-cost Aakash (Sky) Android tablets being made available to students in India.

This application will be installed on user's android device as a stand alone application.

Stat-Lite has been developed as a part of the Virtual Observatory - India (VO-I) initiative by  the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). The VO-I project was supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of India.



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1.0 Beta


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1 October 2014

Change log for Stat-Lite is available here.

Please send comments and questions to voindia@iucaa.in

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This project is supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

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