VOStat Change Log



Features in VOStat  beta jsp 1.0 (Web based version) Release date 14th Nov 2008



        Output is displayed in a tabular format
        Change in output heading


.       Reduce the width. Option to plot boxes separately (for different units & ranges) and together (same units, similar ranges)

        Correlation Matrix
        Download matrix.. Display values only up to four digits. User can choose no of decimal places and rerun the test .Default is 4.
        Display only martix

        Display 4 digits only. Dotchart is added under 'Descriptive statistics'.

        Empirical Distribution Function.
        Remove circles on the plot

        Hierarchical Clustering
        Display and download cluster memberships. Rename "H clustering" to "Hierarchical clustering"

        K-means partitioning
        Display and download cluster memberships. Some changes in output display.

Removed Sturges and Class interval. Save & download list of breaks and counts.

        Kernel Smoothing
Droped cosine and Optcosine options.
        "Automatic" option with gaussian kernel and bandwidth.nrd for bandwidth.
         "Manual" option where user sets kernel type and bandwidth.
        Download curve at ~500 points.

        Kolmogorov Smirnov one sample test
In Gaussian distribution fun = dnorm and plot with pnorm. In exponential distribution fun = pexp
        Display the value of statistic,  change table value to tabulated value  and  removed Dnmax and $statistic

        One sample and two sample t-test
        Add selected column/s,  display mean of x, removed t-obs and $p.value

        Kolmogorov Smirnov two sample test
Add plot of the two ecdf's

        Pair Plot

        Use pch= 20, col=1.
        Principal Component Analysis
add covariance matrix, add correlation matrix
        In covariance matrix output , replaced rotations by loadings
        Display output header according to the matrix selected
        Use princomp and prcomp, calculate and display eigen values

        Quantile Quantile Plot
Removed completely.

        Testing for mean when variance is known

        X-Y Plot
        Moved to Descriptive statistics, and renamed as "Bivariate plots".

        Single or Multiple linear Analysis
Displaying slope

Features in VOStat v1.1 beta (Stand alone version)  Release date 14 Nov 2008


Features in VOStat v1.0 beta (Stand alone version)  Release date 17 Aug 2007