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VOTable Java Streaming Writer

VOTable Java Streaming Writer


A number of tools are now available to deal with data in the VOTable format. These very useful packages cannot be used with data in other formats, like ASCII or FITS, and therefore there is the need to convert such data to the VOTable format. There is also the need to convert data streams produced in non-VOTable format by various applications, to the VOTable format.

The "VOTable Java Streaming Writer" acts on a data array in memory to convert it to the VOTable form, which is streamed row by row to a text area or output file. The writer thus does not create a tree structure in memory. The memory requirement is therefore substantially reduced and very large VOTables can be written.

This version of the writer provides the VOTable data only in pure XML format and not in the VOTable fits and binary formats.



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Java Documentation

16 January 2006



Java Documentation

19 September 2003

Click here for sample code & here for VOTable generated by the sample code for version 1.1.

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