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VOIPortal is an entry point to all VOI web services. The current version of portal links to VOI Mosaic and PyMorph web applications. Users can also browse data in VOI userspace (produced by Mosaic and PyMorph applications) and download them. It also hosts few open social gadgets using Apache Shindig framework.

Users will have to create an account for using Portal, Mosaic or PyMorph applications. Single sign on has been implemented. So once a user logs into one of these applications, (s)he need not login again to use the other applications.

The current release of VOIPortal is a beta version. Newer version of portal includes the enhancements such as:

  - Ability to add iGoogle gadgets to the portal
  - Sharing of gadgets among portal users
  - Multiple tabs support
  - Changing gadgets alignment either by drag and drop of gadgets or using the option change layout
  - We have published VOI gadgets to iGoogle gadget directory

Please click here to access the service.

Please send comments and questions to voindia@iucaa.in

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