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VOPlatform is a tool that provides users with an environment in which to place their frequently used VO tools and datasets, along with other resources such as documents, web-links etc. The application has been developed in java, and acts on data available in VOTable format. To launch a tool from within VOPlatform, it must be PLASTIC or SAMP compatible. VOPlatform supports drag-and-drop functionality and personalised bookmarks.

VOPlatform has been developed as a part of the Virtual Observatory - India initiative by Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and Persistent Systems Ltd. (PSL). The VO-I project is supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of India.



WebStart  for VOPlatform in SAMP mode


Download File


Released On

1.0 Beta



11 May 2009

Please send comments and questions to voindia@iucaa.in

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