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A new version of this tool named 'AstroStat' is available here

VOStat   allows astronomers to use both simple and sophisticated statistical routines on large datasets. This tool uses a large public-domain statistical computing package called 'R'. Datasets can be uploaded in either ASCII or VOTABLE (preferred) format. The statistical computations are performed by the VOStat and results are returned to the user. Only a small portion of R functionality is available through VOStat. For a full data analysis, users are encouraged to install R locally.

VOStat  was originally developed by a NSF focused group research team led by Penn State and consisting of Caltech and CMU. The development of this new version of VOStat is undertaken jointly by VO-I and the Center for Astrostatistics at Penn State, with contributions from Caltech and Calcutta University Statistics Department.

VOStat Web Based Version:

VOStat beta  new version developed in JSP  is available here VOStat beta jsp1.0

VOStat beta (CGI version) is available through this VOStat interactive web form

VOStat Stand Alone Version:

VOStat Stand Alone version is a java based tool which requires 'R' to be installed on the local machine.



Download File


Released On

1.1 Beta


vostat1.1 beta user guide

14 Nov 2008

1.0 Beta


vostat1.0 beta user guide

17 Aug 2007

Change log for VOStat is available here.

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